JobPro Technology Provides Easy-to-Use Management Software for Spray Foam Contractors

JobPro Technology Provides Easy-to-Use Management Software for Spray Foam Contractors

CHARLOTTE, NC – January 29, 2018 – Talk to any business owner and they will tell you just how difficult it can be to find intelligent, hard-working, and loyal employees to help manage their business. Trying to also find the little bit of luck it takes to catch that big break is a whole different animal. You need your company’s workflow to become easier and more effective so that your business can be as productive as possible.

Welcome, to JobPro Technology!

JobPro is the original, web-based (internet-based) insulation software that has been transforming the job management of spray foam and full-service insulation companies for over a decade. From North Carolina over to California and from Nova Scotia down to the Bahamas, JobPro is helping good insulation contractors become great insulation businessmen!

You might be thinking, “I’ve run a strong and profitable insulation company for years and we get by with spreadsheets for pricing, chalkboards for scheduling, and email for communicating. We don’t need a software system.”

Fair point, but let’s look at something everyone in the insulation industry uses, but very few companies are great at customer proposals. Many insulation companies have a Word document for their proposal where they switch out the customer name and the items being proposed. But what happens after that proposal is sent to the customer?

How do you know if your customer received their proposal from you? Even if they have received it, how do you know they have opened it to review the proposal? Are you able to send pictures to help illustrate to your customer the work you are proposing? Does the proposal always have consistent formatting? What about your company logo? If you are asking your customer for a deposit for work to begin, does your customer have an easy way of getting that dollar amount to you that is immediate so that you are not wasting time while the check is “in the mail”?

The answers and the capabilities are all inside of JobPro; and if we put this much detail into a customer proposal, just think of how much time and effort has gone into all other aspects of the system.

JobPro boasts tools like a Scheduler for your jobs and a Dispatcher for your crews that allow for in-advance appointments. It has a simplified CRM that stores information for all potential leads and existing clients and provides instant calculations to show you revenue, cost, gross profit, etc. while building a bid, so you know this is a worthwhile job for your business before ever putting a proposal in front of a customer. JobPro also provides in-depth analysis and reporting while the job is in progress and once it is completed. The system displays exactly how much profit was generated and in what areas your team can improve for the next job. Finally, it produces professional invoices that can be emailed directly to your customer without having to leave JobPro.

Most businesses agree that there is room for improvement in their processes and workflows, so why not see if JobPro can be that improvement for your insulation company just as it continues to be for so many others? Your customers and your employees will see the positive effects of the system immediately; they may think it’s luck, but you’ll know it was JobPro Technology.

About JobPro Technology, Inc.: JobPro Technology, Inc. is a professional services company that provides software for the service provider industry. We offer a web-based lead, bid, and job management system for contractors and sub-contractors in the residential & commercial construction industry. Service providers in the service provider industry helped design the JobPro system with significant input. For more information about JobPro Technology, Inc. please visit our website at  For an in-depth, free, no obligations demo, please click the “Request Demo” button located on the top, right-hand corner on every page of our website.

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