DC315 Thermal Barrier – International Fireproof Technology, Inc. (IFTI)

DC315 Thermal Barrier – International Fireproof Technology, Inc. (IFTI)

What is it?

DC315 is a fully tested and approved intumescent coating to meet 15 minute Thermal Barrier and Ignition Barrier protection over Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF). Using an airless sprayer DC315 is applied like a regular thin film paint and provides a durable, aesthetically pleasing finish. Once exposed to heat or flame, the thin film intumesces or puffs up to form a carbon char barrier which not only prevents the underlying SPF from contributing to a fire, but also significantly reduces smoke release, off gassing and provides the valuable time required for occupants of a building to safely exit.

What makes it unique?

AC456 fixes a problem that IFTI recognized a few years ago. Intumescent coatings were not evaluated under a 3rd party quality assurance program like the spray foams they were protecting. This quality assurance gives the contractor and building owner confidence that the coating tested and approved over the manufacturer’s spray foam is the same formulation being used in the field. IFTI worked with ICC-ES to create AC456.

DC315 is the first intumescent coating of its kind to be approved per ICC-ES AC456. It has been tested as an assembly over every major manufacturer’s brand and type of SPF (see our testing matrix) as evident by the three evaluation reports they currently hold: Intertek CCRR-1076, IAPMO ER-0499 and ICC-ES ESR-3702.

Who is the product made for?

DC315 is made for SPF contractors, homeowners, painting contractors or others in the construction industry as an easy to apply tested solution for protecting spray polyurethane foam in the event of a fire.

Contact Details

Name: IFTI

Phone No: 949-975-8588